A beekeeper’s bargain?

I have been dreaming of bees for awhile now. I can just hear thousands of sweet little buzzing bodies fluttering around the blooms in our garden, stealing nectar here and there to take back to the hive. Just as I dreamed of having beautiful bright orange yolks in our eggs from our own healthy backyard […]

Planning the new chicken coop and run

This winter has been a strange one for us, and I’m sure a few of you can relate. It’s been bitterly cold with abnormal amounts of wintry precipitation, a mixture that is tough for those caring for animals. I have a lot of respect for you folks up north who deal with more extreme conditions […]

Remembering Sweet Pea

For those of you who have not “liked” the Hens and Honey Facebook page, you probably don’t know that we sustained a very hard loss on Thursday. One that is still hard for me to write about. After free ranging our chickens for the last ten months with no issues, we lost Sweet Pea to […]

Happy New Year! Meet the family.

Don’t you just love the New Year? The fresh, cool breath of January is such a contrast to the richness and warmth of the Thanksgiving and Christmas seasons; I can’t help but be inspired and excited for what’s to come. After reflecting on our wonderful life in 2013, I have made a few resolutions for […]