My new winter love…

IMG_8875The snowflakes are flying here in southwest Missouri, which makes me want to introduce you to one of my favorite possessions – my Bogs McKennas. I am absolutely in love with them. They go from chicken house in the snow to work at the office seamlessly. In fact, I wear them to work almost every day it is raining or snowing outside.
I first got acquainted with these beauties right after Christmas. The 2013-2014 winter has proven to be quite fierce, and my early-morning trips to the chicken house ended up in soggy, wet tennis shoes. When that got old, I choose to slip on Drew’s Muck Boots. That worked great until the clunky men’s size 11 boots contributed to some nasty bumps and bruises after I took a fall down the flight of stairs on the back porch. Let’s just say it wasn’t pretty.
When I received a few monetary gifts for Christmas, I decided I’d make a trip to Bass Pro Shop and buy a pair of Muck Boots for myself.
Side note: I’m such a cheapskate when it comes to buying clothes or shoes. I almost always buy things used. I am pretty good at finding good quality clothing second hand, and I just usually can’t bring myself to buy clothing for full price at retail store. However, I felt that these boots were worth buying new, because they would be worn on a regular basis, and their performance was something I would need to rely on during snowy, icy, raining and mucky weather.
Before making my way into the main store, I always run in the outlet store where returned catalog items are sold for a discounted price (you definitely should do this!). That is where I spotted these boots. I actually thought they were leather boots that would go well some of my work outfits (we have a casual dress code at work), but when I looked closer I saw the Bogs logo on the metal clips.


Then I noticed the neoprene inner layer, and the rubber soles. Because the boots were a size 10 and I usually wear a size 8, I almost didn’t try them on, but I decided that it might be a good fit with thick winter socks. They were a tad bit roomy, but because of the narrow ankle in the boot the size 10 actually worked perfectly. I tried on a size 8 and 9 in the regular Bass Pro store before coming back to the outlet and buying the discounted size 10s. I couldn’t even get the smaller sizes on my feet. The price was right too, just under $100 at the discounted store. They retailed in the main Bass Pro store for around $170.


Rubber soles


Waterproof neoprene interior layer

They are completely waterproof and the leather outer shell is synthetic, so it’s easy to just spray them off with the water hose if they get muddy or dirty. Perfect!


Bogs McKenna

What boots do you use for your daily chores?

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5 thoughts on “My new winter love…

  1. What are muck boots? LOL

    I do almost all my chores barefooted, unless it’s absolutely necessary for me to wear footwear. In the rare instances that I wear shores, I tend to stick to cowboy boots.

    Blessings –

    ~ Aspen

  2. Oh I love them! I have some blue rubber boots from TSC that are good because they’re waterproof, but my feet do get cold when it’s freezing outside (like tonight haha). I really like how these look and that you can actually wear them to work. So awesome!

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