Super easy DIY cooking spray

cooking spray

Back again with a quick, easy and frugal kitchen tip! Homemade cooking spray!
I discontinued using commercial cooking spray about a year ago when I learned that our dear friend Pam had a dirty little secret. She’s filled with nasty chemicals, GMO ingredients and propellent. Yes, propellent. Wikipedia defines the propellent ingredients in cooking spray as food-grade alcohol, nitrous oxide, carbon dioxide or propane. Who doesn’t love some food-grade propane in their next meal? Well, me.
I definitely do not want to put that garbage in my body, and if I had kids, I definitely wouldn’t want to put it in their sweet little innocent bodies either.
At one point in my life, I figured if a product was sold in the U.S., surely it was safe. I mean, the FDA regulates that kind of stuff, right? After a little research, my trust in the FDA has waned. Without going full-on lecture mode here, I’ll just say if you have an ever-trusting relationship with the governmental bodies tasked to keep our food safe, I recommend you do a little research of your own.
So, back to the task at hand. Homemade cooking spray. You’re going to love how ridiculously easy this is.
Misting spray bottle
Oil of your choice ( I use expeller pressed grapeseed oil, see photo above)
1. Mix 1 part oil to 4-5 parts boiled distilled or filtered water.
2. Pour into spray bottle.
3. Shake well each time (because, you know, oil and water don’t mix).
4. Use.

See how easy that was? Why consume food-grade alcohol, nitrous oxide, carbon dioxide or propane when you can whip this up in less than one minute?

Bam! Now your life is revolutionized. Well, maybe not, but it’s definitely better than when you were consuming propane with your waffles. 😉


This post is featured on the Homestead Barn Hop #149:


4 thoughts on “Super easy DIY cooking spray

    • Olive oil would work great, Janet. I’ve used it as well. If you haven’t tried grapeseed oil, though, I recommend you should pick a bottle up to see how you like it. I buy mine at the Truck Patch in Mountain Home, and it’s almost always on sale. It’s even a little cheaper than olive oil. It has amazing health benefits and a high smoking point, so it’s perfect for cooking. I use it for all my cooking and I use olive oil for all my salad dressings and cold food stuff.

  1. Okay so I don’t grow anything from my apartment but I am making efforts to improve upon our way of life. I did think this was awesome because I started doing little things like this but…my eldest son has now made it into a hairspray(We do need oil so I guess he’s pretty clever!). Yes, he declares that grapeseed oil and water mist makes his hair more manageable!! LOL.

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