Prepping two weeks worth of smoothies for quick breakfasts that pack a nutrition punch

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I don’t know how your mornings are, but mine are a frantic, mad-dash out the door. I usually wake up around 6:30 a.m., go let the chickens out, feed them, fill their waterer, maybe give a pat on the head, head inside to turn on the lights at my growing station, water all the plants, jump in the shower and jump out, flip on the blow dryer and slap on some makeup. This process generally lasts until around 7:50 a.m., which leaves me with 5 minutes to make and eat breakfast and 5 minutes to drive to work. It worked for me for a long time, but alas… I’ve had to change it up. I seriously have no idea how people have kids, get them ready and drive them to school before work. It just amazes me.
Anyway, my husband leaves at 7 a.m. for his daily commute, and until recently I hadn’t worried about helping him get ready in the mornings (see lack of time/kid comment above), but when I noticed that all the local workers at the gas station knew him by name because of his morning stop for a processed, utterly disgusting sausage, egg and cheese biscuit and a Mountain Dew or even worse, a Monster energy drink (yes, gasp here), I decided I probably needed to add a little time in to help him out in the mornings.

My husband says, and I truly believe him, that he feels the same way about food as I do. We have so many of the same values when it comes to what is wrong with the food industry today, but he is just… well, lazy. If it’s not convenient, he’s not going to do it. Yes, yes… it’s frustrating.
So, I decided that I would prep his morning breakfasts over the weekend, including homemade bacon, egg and cheese biscuits (local, hormone-free bacon, our farm fresh eggs, whole wheat biscuits) and healthy smoothies, and then I could just wake up 15 minutes earlier and have it all ready for him when he hopped out of the shower.
So, I’ll post about the biscuits later, but here is how I prep all my smoothies. The greens freeze wonderfully, and it’s really quick to throw it in the NutriBullet and blend for a few seconds. I try to buy locally grown fruit in the summer (and with my new little backyard orchard this year, I hope I can eventually harvest from my own trees), freeze on a cookie sheet and keep in a big bag in the freezer. I’m running low this year, so I bought a few bags of organic frozen fruit from the local health food store.

1. Gather your supplies. I went with a big tub of organic 50/50 baby spinach and spring mix. It packs a super nutrition punch, but it is easily masked by the fruit. You can also add kale, lettuces, etc… Basically whatever your heart desires. I wouldn’t recommend swiss chard though. The last ones I made with them tasted very… earthy.
I also really like to use bananas in most of the smoothies. They lend a creaminess to the smoothie that is so good, plus who doesn’t love all that potassium and what-not. I have local blueberries I picked last year and peaches from a local Amish produce auction. I also bought bags of frozen pineapple, strawberries and raspberries. They were expensive though, so I’m going to really stock up this summer on fruit in season in order to avoid buying the bags of frozen.



2. Use your cup to measure out your ingredients. I fill mine half up with greens, then add whatever fruit I want until it fills the cup for the NutriBullet. Then take the cup and dump it into a ziplock bag. You want your frozen fruit at the bottom and your greens at the top to get the best blending. With the NutriBullet, you end up screwing the blades on the bottom and flipping the cup upside down, so I make sure my greens at at the top of my ziplock.

By the way, I reuse my bags several times before throwing them out. They usually make it through three or four different batches. When I empty the bag in the morning, I turn it inside out and rinse it, then sit it out to dry.


IMG_90283. Roll the baggie up to expel any air from it. This will help keep your fruit from getting frost bite. Once all the air is out and they are zipped, flatten the fruit out on the counter with your palms so the bags will stack nicely in the freezer. (You’ll also want to label correctly. I don’t see any peaches in this bag. lol.)

IMG_9029 IMG_9030 IMG_9031

I like to make several different varieties, so that we don’t get burned out drinking them. Top is mixed berry (strawberry, blueberry, raspberry); second photo is strawberry banana; and third photo is blueberry, pineapple, banana.


Then just throw all the bags in the freezer! Simple as that. In the mornings, I pull a bag out, dump it into the Nutribullet cup, fill with water and usually add in some chia seeds or flax seed for extra nutrition, then blend. That’s it.



…and Viola! So much better than Mountain Dew! Do you do weekly breakfast prep? I’d love to hear your ideas and recipes.


One thought on “Prepping two weeks worth of smoothies for quick breakfasts that pack a nutrition punch

  1. I did not know you could freeze the greens. That’s good to know. I usually have good intentions and buy LOTS of good fruit & veggies only to leave them in the crisper for too long and find them slimy when I go to use them. This is a great idea to pre-mix your smoothies. I think I will give this a whirl. Thanks, Jessi!

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