The new bee home is finished… finally!

Spring brings a lot of chores and a lot of preparation for the coming summer months on many different fronts around the homestead. Among the many projects we have been working on, one of the more immediate ones was to assemble and paint the Dreckman’s first ever bee hive. I received a call from our Missouri bee supplier a couple weeks ago, who said a nucleus colony will be delivered in just over a month! Since the hive needs a bit of time to air out after being painted, it needed to get done ASAP.
So, I got up early on Saturday and was determined to get it done. And done it got! Here are a few photos of the process…


I wanted to get a screened bottom board with a Varroa mite trap, so I opted out of a hive kit, and instead bought separate unassembled components for the bottom board, telescoping cover, two deeps, two supers and 40 frames from Mann Lake LTD.





Although it was a bit time consuming, it went together fairly easy. The 40 frames seemed to take forever to assemble.


I wish I could remember where I originally saw this idea, but I can’t. It was somewhere on Pinterest, but it is the absolute best idea to be able to paint all four sides and all edges of the hive boxes without the paint sticking to anything. I highly recommend it. I slapped 3 coats of this beautiful shade of blue (“Safe Harbor” for anyone who is interested), and let them dry overnight.

Again, excuse our messy garage. It’s well worked in. šŸ™‚

The finished home! I just need a couple of cinder blocks to sit it on, and I have to decide completely on the location. I just love how cheery the color is. I hope the new girls will be happy too.

Do you have bees? Any tips for this beginner?


One thought on “The new bee home is finished… finally!

  1. Hi there! Just stopping by from the Barn Hop and thought I would say hello to a fellow Missourian (I’m in KC). I just got my first package of bees and am fretting over them like an old mother hen. This cold weather has got my chewing my nails, since I just installed them on Saturday evening. I’ll be manually releasing the queen tomorrow when it’s above 60 degrees. Love your blog and love the color you chose for the hive. Stop by and see me over at Cranky Puppy and I’ll be following your progress as well!

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