A new year, a new plan and a new snack drawer

Hello, my long-lost friends. Just popping in to say hello and to let you know that I miss you all! I have not sailed off the face of the Earth, even though it probably seems like I have.

Sometime last summer I got overwhelmed and fell off the blogging bandwagon. There was too much garden to take care of, too many chores to do, too much canning and pickling on the stove for too many hours, too many Friday nights up until 3 am preparing for too many long (but wonderful) Saturday mornings set up at the farmers’ market. Add on top of that the time and effort of helping to establish and organize a grassroots local food effort in my hometown, which is taking on a variety of awesome small- and large-scale initiatives, I was running on fumes mentally and physically.

But it’s a brand new year. I’ve had a little rest, and I’m back! I’m hoping to keep my life a little more balanced and a little less busy this year, so I am planning on writing more consistently.

A lot of my effort recently has been focused on organizing our food buying, cooking and eating plans so that we are eating more of the food we’ve grown/raised, we are eating well, spending less money and feeling less stressed.

After consulting my friends on my personal Facebook page about their meal planning routines, I’ve come up with a great plan that is working really well for us. I plan to do an in-depth post on that soon, but I wanted to show you one element that is so simple but has made my life so much easier – the snack drawer!

snack drawer

After I come home from grocery shopping Sunday mornings, I cut, chop and prepackage healthy snacks in individual portions so we can grab them easily in the morning on our way to work. Right now we have french-vanilla yogurt and fresh raspberries, broccoli and hummus, string cheese, almond milk, apples and almond butter, Babybel cheese, a variety of fruit (in the crisper drawer below), hard-boiled eggs, apple sauce and cottage cheese. I have a separate drawer in the pantry with dry snacks – pretzels, organic popcorn and real veggie chips. It makes it easy for me to stay on track throughout the day without feeling deprived.

Do you have a grocery shopping, meal planning, cooking or food organizing tip that has made your life easier?


2 thoughts on “A new year, a new plan and a new snack drawer

  1. This is a great idea, Jessi, since snacking is usually how I sabotage my healthy-eating resolutions. Making it easy to grab something healthy (rather than a couple of cookies) seems like it will work. Gonna give it a try! I have cut celery, carrots, broccoli and etc., into bite-size pieces and put them into Ziploc bags before — it’s too much trouble to get out a knife and cutting board everytime I might snack on fresh veggies. The bags would go right into the snack tray ….

  2. The single greatest help on my meal anning (for me) has been utilizing the smartphone app Any.List. It has truly been a meal, budget and life saver! I highly recommend it!!

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